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A Cheery Welcome!

After such a long, cold and gray winter, it has been so refreshing and enjoyable to finally have rising temperatures and a little bit of sunshine. After I found a foam wreath I had laying around, I knew I wanted to make my semi-annual wreath to welcome Spring!
 I covered it with a sweater I got cheap at Wal-Mart a few years ago and never really wore. I cut it under the seam of the arms and wrapped it around the form.
While I brainstormed the possibilities, I was inspired by these fun buttons that my mother bought my daughter from JoAnne Fabric on her last visit here. After picking them up a gazillion and one times, I decided to use them as well.
I just couldn't resist the brightly colored, cheerful fabric stash I had hanging around my craft closet, and started making fabric flowers. My favorite for this project was the yo-yo. It is super easy and gives such a great look. These are typically used in quilting, so I picked up on how to make them years ago when I first started really sewing. They are the perfect beginner project. 
                                    Here's how easy it is! 

Step #1- Cut out desired size circle

Step #2- Stitch 1/4" in from outside edge

Step #3- Pull thread ends

Step #4- Cinch, tie and sew closed

Isn't that easy? I've made these on the sewing machine too, but they are really fast even by hand, so I like to make them while watching t.v. (which I can't do without being busy with something)

 I like the look of layering them with buttons

I love the look of the banner I've seen on a great many wreaths, so I made one using my cricut. Such a fun, creative way of expressing a message. 

Clustering and layering was the fun part about this wreath.

All of the flowers I made here were super easy ones that I've made before. There are some really great tutorials you can find on my ruffles, flowers, and bows Pinterest board.

 Here it is displayed on an old shutter. 
 But I can't wait to display it on my front door to give a cheery welcome to guests along with the beauty and promise of life Spring brings with it. 

Have a Cheery Spring!

Girls Room Inspiration

My motto should be "stringing along too many projects at a time" rather than one! I never seem to be able to completely finish one before another one is started. Our girls have been wanting a bunk bed since the fall, and with our youngest turning four, my honey and I think it's time to get it. With that, however, comes big changes in their room. It needs some freshening up. Here is the inspiration board of what I plan to do in there.

A Great Blog to Visit

A few months ago my brother and sis-in-law bought a new (old) house. In the process of doing so my sister in law decided to start a blog and post all the progress in renovating their new to them place. It has been truly fun to watch their progress and plans. I thought I would share this blog with you! Since you follow my journey, you are sure to love following hers. She is amazingly talented and creative with so much zest and energy for life. With her positive encouragement, she is one of my favorite people ever. 

St. Patrick's Day Surprise

Every year the children place a clover somewhere near or in their bed the night before St. Patrick's Day. It started one year when one of the children picked clover from the patch in our lawn and decided to see if anything would happen if he left it for a Leperchaun to find.

Laundry Room Progress

All last week I worked on the Laundry room. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, as is the case with many of the projects we do around here. But it is coming along nicely. Can you guess what I did on Saturday?
Oh my aching body! 

It'll all be worth it. 
More to come...Stay tuned!!

Laundry Room Makeover Week

This week I'm going to introduce you to my Laundry room....ooooh. Yeah, that's a big deal coming from me. But I think I have recooperated enough from my Garage makeover to actually give you a glimpse inside the room that houses my families dirty clothes. Excited? Maybe not. At least, that is, until you see my inspiration board accumulation by Pinterest. Check it out!

February Book Recommendations

It seems that there is always one month out of the whole year where I find myself able and wanting to read a lot. The month of February was like that for me this year. I thought I would share a few good reads I would highly recommend: