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Summer Home Tour Series- My Creative Days

Ready to do some swooning? I love every turn this house has to offer on yet another wonderful Summer Home Tour! I'm amazed at how somebody could take what would be such an ordinary house and give it such character. The decorative touch here is inspiring. I think you'll know what I mean once you see for yourself. So let me introduce Lindsay:
from My Creative Days
The floor is all yours Lindsay:

 I am so excited to be a part of this Summer Home Tour Series! I love home tours and find myself spending way too much time oohing and aahing over all the beautiful pictures of where bloggers call home. For my tour, I took a few pictures of the inside of our home, but I am also including pictures of the outside. My husband and I love to landscape our yard just as much as decorate the inside of our home and the summer months are perfect for getting some great pictures of the yard. On to the tour: Summer Home Tour 2015 We live in a split-foyer home. Not my favorite layout, but it works for now. The one thing we really love about this style home are the regular sized windows in the basement. They bring in a ton of natural light and it doesn't seem like you are in a dark and dingy basement at all. Summer Home Tour 2015 Our living room hasn't changed much since the last pictures I took. I did add the new coffee table and I had to replace the desk I had. I will be sharing that makeover next week. Summer Home Tour 2015 I don't really decorate for the summer season, but I do love to cut fresh flowers from our yard to bring inside. tour3

Summer Home Tour 2015 Our back porch is still our favorite hang out during the summer months. We have had a relatively mild summer so far so we have gotten a ton of use out of our porch. Summer Home Tour 2015 The ladder and baskets in our porch do change their decorating style during the summer months. They are full of flip-flops and beach bags instead of hats, mittens and boots. Summer Home Tour 2015 In our back yard, we built a "tiny house" for the kiddos to play in. It is fully equipped with a kitchen, "Be Nice" sign, a table and chairs and a phone. :-) Summer Home Tour 2015 The kids love playing in the "tiny house", but during the summer months, the outdoor kitchen is their favorite spot in the back yard. You can't believe all the gourmet dishes that have come out of that kitchen! Summer Home Tour 2015 I found the perfect spot to put the bench I bought at the Elegant Barn Sale this past spring. It was the perfect addition behind our garage between the trellis'. Summer Home Tour 2015

tour12 I am really excited to get some makeovers started and done in our home throughout the rest of this summer. We have both smaller projects and bigger projects planned. I am crossing my fingers they all go smoothly. Just like every DIY project should. ;-)

Don't you just love her house?! I love that there is one for the children that looks just as inviting. Their kitchen is the absolute best! ;) For me, there isn't enough time in a day to enjoy Lindsay's blog, so I'm going to take it all in little chunks. I hope you will stop on over at her blog and see all the amazing projects she has to share. 
Until next Friday, stay comfortably cool, 

Summer Home Tour Series- The 2 Seasons

Welcome to another beautiful home in our Summer Home Tour Series! I'm so excited to show you the most beautiful summer townhouse I've ever seen. Come along with me a witness the sweet fresh feeling of summer style!
Hi everyone! My name is Janette, and my daughter Jordan and I have been writing a lifestyle blog together called "The 2 Seasons" for four years.
 I am thrilled to be here today to share some of the things I did around our place for summer. Jordan will be here in August to show you her house. Our site is loaded with decorating, DIY projects, budget projects, delicious recipes, travel tips and adventures, and just our everyday lives. Please visit our blog and take a look around. You can learn more about us in the About section in our header.
Townhouse exterior

Four years ago, my husband and I sold our family home in the suburbs and moved to a townhouse with 3,000 square feet in the historic section of Lexington, KY. Before moving in, we practically gutted the place and made it our own. Instead of a massive front porch, we have a "stoop", and I love changing it up for the seasons.



This year I added wave petunias to our planters and love the way they look. This is my first time to use this variety of petunia, and now I am wondering what took me so long.



If you would like to read more about the theory behind the planters, go here and here. If you want to learn how to keep squirrels out of your planter, this worked for us.

Patriotic pillows

I love to use patriotic colors in the summer. The main colors we use for decorating our entire place are red, blue, green, and yellow, so, the patriotic colors fit right in.

Patriotic pillows

I love making pillows and have a great method for making them on the cheap. You can read about that here. When I decided to use red, white, and blue in our great room for summer, I didn't want it to be too "in your face." I mixed in one of my kilim pillows to add a splash of yellow and green. The big pillows are made from drop cloth fabric, and I added the French linen look with fabric paint. You can read how I did that here.

Farm store vignette - The 2 Seasons

One of my main goals when decorating is to use what I already have. When we down-sized, we got rid of soooo much stuff, and it was liberating. So, when it is time to change up a vignette, I usually shop the house. However, I stopped in a farm store for the first time, and found some cute everyday items to use in a summer vignette on the kitchen table.

Farm store vignette - The 2 Seasons

This cute red container that is holding peaches is an egg basket, and they are sitting on a cute metal tray which happens to be used to carry grain to farm animals. I picked up the little broom at the same store just to add some texture to the grouping. You can read more about this vignette here.

Kitchen - The 2 Seasons

This is another summer vignette using fresh sun flowers that are resting in vintage milk bottles.

Kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Here's another view. We are about to make some changes in our kitchen. You can read all about it here. The contractor was here this week, and I am beyond excited to make a good thing even better.

Red pantry door

I recently painted our pantry door red, and it fits right in with the red, white, and blues of summer. My pantry and office share a space, and I love it.


Spring in the sunroom

I am not a fan of air conditioning. So, when my husband lowers the temperatures, I spend a lot of time here in the sunroom. In fact, I am blogging in the sunroom right now. French doors lead into the room from both the great room and the kitchen.


Spring in the sunroom

It's an easy room to decorate for summer (here) because I just use a lot of the items that I love and that are not quite "good enough" for the main part of our home. We use this room three seasons of the year. It takes on a whole different look for the fall and winter, and you can see how it looks here.


Since we live in a townhouse, we have a wonderful bricked in courtyard. It gives me just the right amount of dirt to play in.



I can still have shrubs, trees, flowers, and herbs, and they take only minutes of tending each week instead of hours. We upgraded some of the plants this spring, and my ultimate goal is to have a courtyard that looks like this.

  Bakers Rack Turned Bar Bakers Rack Turned Bar[/caption]

However, right now we are beyond thrilled with the way our courtyard looks and lives in the summer.


We hope you enjoyed seeing some summer in our home. Many thanks to Michele for inviting us to participate in her summer home tour series. Now, go out and have a great week-end. We hope to see you all over at The 2 Seasons.

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Take care.

Beautiful tour Jeanette! I've gotta say everyone, that I'm loving all that red white and blue! So inspiring for the upcoming holiday, don't you think? Be sure to jump on over to The 2 Seasons to see all the amazing things they have to share.Thank you for joining us and be sure to come back next Friday for another amazing summer home tour by My Creative Days. In the meantime, stay cool. ;)

Project Challenge #6 - Sheet or Corrugated Metal

Welcome to another PROJECT CHALLENGE! YaY! 
For those of you that are new, let me explain what that means. Each month a few friends of mine and I have challenged each other to come up with a project to share using an assigned material. This months challenge is sheet or corrugated metal. 
I can't wait to share with you what all of these amazing women came up with , so be sure to visit each of theirs at the end of this post! 
I've been wanting to do a project with metal for quite some time. I actually found a pair of metal snips at the hardware store around 3 years ago on clearance and snatched them up. We were having our roof redone at the time, so we had a lot of metal plates laying around just begging me to do something with them. I collected what the roofers left lying around and saved them for a bit. My son put the snips to the test by making the roofing plates into ninja stars. Glad he didn't throw them. Yikes!

The purpose of my little story is to say that I was excited to finally get to have a reason to use my handy metal cutters. I will admit that I was a bit intimidated by the thought of this project because of the dangers with working with sharp edges. One wrong move = a lot of blood and pain. So I do want to mention to be extra cautious when working with this stuff. I also want to report that this was A LOT easier than I thought it would be and I will DEFINITELY be working with more metal in the future. I'm actually really anticipating the day! 
To explain the background to this project of choice I will have to say that I started working on these cupboards in our play room a little more than a year ago. For those of you that regularly follow my blog, you will remember that I have gradually been framing every origional cabinet door in the house. Our home was built in the 60's and the cabinets are all flat.

This is really great in the way that it allows me to add our own style and character to each space. I knew immediately that I wanted the lower cabinets to be chalkboard for the children to be able to draw on. So I painted them and then framed them out in 4 foot lath to save money. A bundle of 50 is around $7 at our local hardware store compared to the 58 cents or so a ft. It was really worth saving the money to me or I wouldn't have been so willing to sand all those boards, but I did and then I stained them in dark walnut. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to finish off the top cupboards, so they sat like this ever since... for a year. 
Then one day while downstairs doing laundry and watching some movie, it came to me. I wanted to be able to hang the children's art on the upper cabinets. I contemplated cork, it quickly lost. 
Then I had an epiphany, why not metal?! 
I had bought this roll of metal at a yard sale last year. Perfect, right? 
Wrong. It looked awful. All bent up and dented. So I started over and went down to the hardware store to buy a new roll. 
After finishing these cupboards off, I was tickled with the results and went to hang my childrens art with magnets. 

Ummm, they didn't stick. 
You probably already know why. But me, I didn't. So upon some google research I learned that magnets do not stick to aluminum. 

Needless to say I was discouraged, but knowing I needed to get the project done, I went down to the store and bought two sheets for $16 bucks a piece from the plumbing section at Home Depot (not a sponsor by the way, just a fact)
Each of my sets of cupboards are different sizes so I measured accordingly. When doing this, I highly recommend measuring more than you think you need to. Reassuring that you have measured properly saves so much time and money! Trust me. Lessons learned!
When cutting, I found it easier to cut with one hand and lift the cut pice as you go with the other hand
After they were cut I held them up to the cupboards and made sure there was overhang where the framing would go back on and that they were centered.
 I found it easier to start with the top piece, using my brad nailer, and then to attach the sides, and last, the bottom. 
It was super simple to do this whole project. The most time consuming part was taking off the slats to attach the metal.
 If you haven't framed out your cupboards yet, this step will not be needed and will be a lot faster. 
We keep games, toys, puzzles, blankets and crafts in these cupboards. There is A LOT of storage here. 
It so happens that our laundry is in the aluminum covered cabinets. We decided to keep them the way they are because upon researching, I found that it makes a GREAT dry erase surface. Talk about making a win out of an otherwise disasterous situation. 
I love it when a mistake turns into a perk!
My 6 year old daughter and I had so much fun making magnets out of a Spanish Scrabble game my mom gave us. We don't play Scrabble in Spanish. Because although my husband and I speak Spanish, I don't think I could win a game of it since I can barely play it in English. (thank you very much!)
If you've never done a project with Scrabble letters, you have GOT to try it! This is my first experience with it and it was so much fun!
There's never more gratification in a project than a good side by side before and after, right?! 
Yeah. I think it was worth the wait to come up with the perfect idea. 
Do you think they look playful? 
Oh, and in case you're wondering about the beautiful artwork on the before....nail polish from when my 5 year old was 3.
Yeah. These cupboards waited a long time for a makeover!
Thank you so much for letting me share with you today
Now go ahead and check out all these other great projects from my incredible friends!

Sew a Fine Seam

NEXT month our material is ‘Reclaimed Wood’, that's going to be a tough choice. I see a game of eeny meany miney moe in my future! ;)   
Do you have a project that includes sheet or corrugated metal?  We'd like to see it, link up your project here!