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Sacrifice is a blessing

As shocking as it may seem, when people mention the need to service to me, I find myself trying not to have a good laugh. I realize that my whole day is spent in some kind of service in one form or another. There really isn't any way around it with as big a family as we have. The sad part is, that sometimes I let it become more of a chore than a joy, and I find I've forgotten the true form of the word. So I was very grateful to run into this quote on Pinterest. I hope it touches you the way it has me. As well as bringing a whole new perspective on the everyday opportunities we have to give it.

Have a joyful day!

Fall Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas any time of year. They are so beautiful and have a way of making any atmosphere look classy and fresh. 
 Although my bushes didn't do as well this year, my friend's took off! I picked the ones that were starting to lose their color so I could start drying and preserving them.
  I couldn't believe how big and full hers got.
 If you've never dried them yourself, it's really easy. 
  Just take a stem,
direct cutters at an angle
and trim down
 Put in a vase of water
 And enjoy them. 
Once they start to get a little dry looking, take them out of the vase and spray them with a clear coat. I love using glitter clear coat to add a little sparkle. I tried to take a picture of the bunch I dried out last year, but the lighting was not cooperating. Don't worry, I'll show you these ones they are ready!
   As of right now, I'm just enjoying the multicolored beauties.

What To Do With My Old Fencing

While looking at all the fencing I have around my yard, I was thinking of all the things I could do with it. Though I have ideas of my own for them, I was interested to see what other ideas there were out there. Here are some projects that I thought would be really neat to do
True Connection Etsy store
 Also From Beyond the Picket Fence, always a great place to go for ideas using re-purposed wood. 
And here are the projects I've done so far-
 A Planked Wall
  potting bench
 And if that's not enough to satisfy you, how about checking out My Repurposed Life
for more ideas.
Happy building!

Sunday Quote- Listen to Your Children

I read this quote a few days ago and it stuck with me enough that in conversation I remembered it and talked to some friends about it. I have been reflecting on our two older boys who are grown now, one is out of the house, and the other will be soon, and how true this quote is. It is amazing how quickly our children grow and how grateful we are we took advantage of the times when little things were a big deal to them and left the communication windows wide open. It has been fresh on my mind since we still have small ones at home and still need the reminder ourselves. If the little things used to be significant to us, then surely they are to our children. How many times my mother or even the Lord could have told me something wasn't important, even though to me it was. 

It's renewed my efforts to take advantage of the time we have left with our little ones. We know from experience that we won't regret it.

6 recipes to make for dinner tonight

 When I think of fall foods I think lots of flavor, delicious smells wafting throughout the house that lingering long after the meal is over, real comfort foods full of spices that dazzle the taste buds. Pumpkin, apple, soups, and hot drinks.
Here are some of those tantalizing foods I found from all new to me recipe blogs. Hope you will try one or more of them...I know I will!

Yummy Eating!

The Framed Outlet

It's amazing how much the details of a room change the overall look. While adding the bead board to my dining area, I had to cut out the outlets. My husband and any other person with any knowledge of safety with power tools would have had a crying fit if they witnessed my method of cutting these out. I will spare you (and myself) the details, let's just say, it wasn't ideal. 

I think it is now needless to say, the hole was a little less than perfect. 
Gaping might even be a term that would come to the mind of some. (ugh.)
I needed to come up with a remedy.

I started off by just measuring and framing around the outlet with a narrow decorative molding.
Caulked the seams and holes,
 then painted.
*Note: Admittedly, I think it would have turned out better had I taken the time to sand and paint again. I'm still going to do that anyway, so if you do this, remember to sand before priming and again before painting.

  Like so many of my other projects the solution ended up giving it a more finished look.
 Something I would not have otherwise done, had I not made a mistake in the first place.
Gotta love it when that happens. 
 Add another check to my list. ;)
 linking to:
The Nesting Place


Often when I'm doing a project I get an idea and image in my mind of how I want the finished item to look. This usually results in new items on the list of things to do that are spontaneous and weren't planned for, but are often what actually make the project a visual success. This was the case when I was installing the beadboard in my dining area this spring.
While seeing that board up against the wall looking all beautiful and fresh, I knew that the moulding around the window needed to be replaced and the next thing I knew I had torn it off. That's when I realized there was no turning back...
Using the leftover wood I had on hand from installing board and batten in my little girls' room, I framed out the window in no time. 

This made the overall look much more pleasing. Although it took a little more time to re-cut the beadboard, it was worth the patience.
 It's amazing how in the process of getting my to-do list done, it actually grows rather than shrinks. I guess that's the reality of my world.
                                                    Do you ever find this happening to you?
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