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Project Challenge #3 Linky Party-Linen and/or Leather

Hello my lovely friends, I'm so excited to be participating in round 3 of project challenge! The best part about it, is this time it's a LINKY PARTY too!! Yes, you get to participate along with us and share your projects on all six blogs! So what is project challenge? Every month we will be given a type of material to work with and have to create something with it, so at the end of this post, add an existing post you have or get busy creating a project using Linen and/or Leather and come back here to show it off. We can't wait to see what you come up with! 
So, are ya ready to see mine?
It was so hard to choose. Not because I didn't know what to do with the materials, but I couldn't decide which project to do for the challenge, so next week I'll be sharing a couple more projects using linen and/or leather, you'll just have to come back to see what they are. The one I want to share with you today is one I've been wanting to do for quite awhile and haven't had a good excuse to take the time to do. 
This kitchen window has been a challenge. 
 I know. Boring, huh? I've switched it up SO many times, but with the same results. 
*yah-it's okay*
I recently just made roman shades for my neighbors french doors (more on that later---I promise!) and realized that was the perfect solution here! 
Going without a window treatment at all is just not an option since the sunlight glares in at certain times of the day. Something adjustable is the best answer, since I like to have my window open and bright, yet hate to have the sun in my eyes.
Great! Have a solution, yet couldn't bare to put another new treatment on that awful window. The trim was such an eye sore. 

So I removed it. 
I've done this before, so no big deal, but this time I was working around tile and wanted a ledge. I've been without one for 9 years. Time to do something about it, right? 
So I added a ledge and made my roman shades.
I loved this picture I found on Pinterest so I used it as inspiration and made a simple pleated shade.

I love how it bunches and gathers when it's lifted and causes what I call a "blooming effect".
I made the shade longer than the window because I like the look and wanted more bunching when it is pulled up. The ledge helps keep it from being in the way of the faucet. I don't really plan on the shade being all the way down very often, so it doesn't really matter, but it was an added bonus to having added the ledge.
In the above photo you can see that I kept the pleats sewn closed. 
Later I decided to take them out so they could spread a little more. 
(as in the photo below)
I really like the way it turned out, but have yet to let out the bottom of the pleats.
Even after adding the new trim and ledge, I just wasn't satisfied with the whole look.... 
So I added a shelf.
It's the perfect place to hold the pewter I inherited from my Grammy. I remember these displayed on a ledge surrounding her dining room when I was growing up. Some sweet memories.
I'm looking forward to all the ways I can switch up my new added spaces.
NOW, I'm satisfied. Doesn't the window treatment look more classy now?
The best part is that my family loves it too. Even the neighbor kid said something. Who knew they'd notice or even cared? ;) 
Now. What have you got to share? 
Link up all those wonderful projects you have made with linen and leather below, and if you need more inspiring ideas, or even if you don't, check out the other wonderful projects below, and remember courtesy begats courtesy and sweet comments make everyone's day a little brighter! 

Reupholstering a Chair Cushion

Come see my post on Ask Anna on how to reupholster a chair cushion. The before and after alone is worth the click. 

Plus, don't forget to come link up your projects Friday for the Linen and or Leather Project Challenge!
See you there,

Folding Table and Chair

I know that in the Eastern side of the country it has been unbearably cold and snowy, but for us here on the West Coast, it has been an unsually mild winter and the last few days, although chilly, have been surprisingly gorgeous. We are just waiting for the cold front to strike, but until it does, I'm going to take every advantage I can to enjoy the feelings of spring!  A few years ago (which I'm starting to think should be my blog name) I purchased this cute little folding table from a yard sale held by a flea market vendor.

2015 Project Challenge #2- Thrifted item under $5, craigslist or roadside find

I've had these croquet mallet heads from our old set in the scrap pile for a few years and always thought it would be neat to make something of them. There are many times that I've seen them while cleaning out the garage and thought how neat they might be to use as legs for a step stool. 

One Candle Holder Becomes Two

One day I was hunting at our local Thrift Shop and found this wooden candle holder. I didn't really love the style, though I liked the lines, and it was solid wood. I knew that with a little paint, I could make something I liked better of it. It sat out in the garage for quite a long time...probably a couple years. 
{I know, it takes me awhile to get to some things around here}
(very pixely from being cropped)
I finally pulled it out to display on our Christmas mantel. It was too tall though, because one night when I had blown out all the candles, I couldn't tell it was still lit and left it burning...

The Rustic Nook- Retail space

I've been really busy the last couple of weeks getting things ready for my new business venture. I finally rented a space in a wonderful antique & vintage gift shop called Sweet Salvage  
(click on the link to visit them on facebook). 
If you are ever in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area, you will not want to pass up the opportunity to stop in! There are extremely talented and amazing people here. 
I absolutely love the owner, she is so sweet, friendly, and great to work with. She's been incredibly encouraging along the way. 

My husband and I named my new retail space "The Rustic Nook".